Welcome to Portkey's Chat section! This is a place for Portkey shippers to share discuss and share the excitement of the upcoming film and book releases. It is a friendly and usually moderated enviroment to make new friends and talk to fanfiction authors, readers, portkey admins and fellow shippers.

Quick Start - type in a nickname and go!

What Times are people chatting?
Portkey chat is open any time you wish to join it. However, if you join at an off-peak time the chat might be empty or quiet. From past experience, we've found a number of times throughout the day to be particularly popular or "peak" time. This has generally been in the evening of the American timezones, which works out to be late evening in London and very late at night in Europe. Remember though, that Portkey is an international website, and members will be on the chat at many different times throughout the day. You could also find others from the same timezone as you if you join at peak usage time in your country.

How do I get into the chat room?
There are a number of different ways to get into the Portkey chat room. All of the options are different ways of getting into the same chatroom. Depending on your internet connection and level of computer knowledge, different chat software is recommended.

Option 1: CGI:IRC

This option should work with all browsers. The interface is a little bit harder to use but it will work behind all proxies/firewalls and JAVA does not need to be enabled. To join the chatroom use the form below.

Option 2: JAVA IRC - Load it HERE

This option will automatically bring you into our chatroom using JAVA technology. Some people may prefer the look and features of this chat software, but if you are behind a proxy/firewall or have JAVA disabled it may not be possible to use this option. If it does not work, please use Option 1.

Please note, to change your nickname from your forum nickname please type:
/nick newNickName

Option 3: (Advanced users) MIRC

Unlike the previous options, MIRC is not a web-based chat program. Instead, it software that can be downloaded and run on your computer. The benefit of this is that you are not required to leave a web page open, and you gain access to more advanced features.

IRC can be downloaded from MIRC's homepage. To get started, three simple commands must be typed:
/nick yourNickName
/server irc.blitzed.org
/join #portkey

Who uses Portkey's Chatroom?
Fans of Harry Potter- We, the moderators and admins of Portkey are also regular users of the chat! The chatroom is for members of Portkey to come along and share their excitement and enthusiasm for the new books. You can contribute as much or as little as you want. Sit and listen or interact and have your say. All you need to supply is a nickname or alias for people to call you by in the chatroom! We welcome people of all ship to engage in polite and friendly conversation. We are all fans of the book, even if our views differ!
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